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Monday, December 20, 2010

should old acquaintence be forgot?

As chaotic as my life is, and as uncontrollable as my thoughts are, I'm still an organized person.  My room at college was for the most part, immaculate.  That being said,  I moved back in with my parents a few months ago and walked into a cluster fuck.  There was everything from newspaper clippings of my glory days as a basketball player and high school theater performer, to rubber bands balls, pogs, loose change, N*sync cassette tapes, posters of my favorite bands from 6th grade, Halloween costumes, shoes and clothes that I've never even seen or just refuse to say I owned, American Girl doll clothes...you name it, it was probably there.

After looking at the mess piled up in my closet everyday since August, I decided to take on the challenge of rummaging through my past endeavors in hopes that it would bring back good memories, and make me feel accomplished.

I pulled out boxes upon boxes stuffed with years worth of goodies.  I couldn't believe how much I had collected over time.

Countless hours later, I was finally down to the last of it.  I could not wait to be done.  I could taste the end.
I pulled the worn box toward me and began tossing copies of 'Seventeen' magazine from 2002 into the trash pile, all the while laughing at the cover pictures.

My mood changed quickly when I discovered a plastic bag hiding near the bottom of the clutter.  It was filled with pictures of me and one of my great friends from high school who I had lost touch with.  It was alarming to see how differently we looked and how much I'd forgotten.  I had flashbacks of all the fun we had together, and instantly regretted distancing myself.  There was never a falling out, or anything of that nature.  We just got disconnected.

Oddly enough, later that evening she called me.  We met in town for drinks and  picked up exactly where we left off.  As different as we are now, our friendship is completely unchanged.  I'm so excited to see where the new year takes us.

So, to answer my own question.  No, I don't believe our old acquaintances should be forgotten.  And, if they are and you stumble upon them in a cluster fuck, and they don't happen to call you that same day, you should definitely call them. 

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