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I am a 26 year old female, with only hopes of becoming a rock star/movie star. Which basically means if I can't find anything else that I'm passionate about, then I'm going to be living with Mom and Pops the rest of my life(if they would even have me.) Grow up Peter Pan! is a blog about, well, growing up! And the day to day events that are thrusting me towards adulthood.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cutting the Cord

After a fairly long hiatus from blogging, I am happy to say I'm back at it.  I am living in Las Vegas now. Didn't see that coming, huh? I guess we can answer the question from one of my first posts. 

Q:If he runs? 
A: I follow...happily...skipping behind him, and smiling. A real smile too...like one you get when someone buys you cotton candy and you weren't expecting it.

 I moved westward to Nevada at the end of January after finishing school at stupid, lame, lovely, Millersville University, and so far things have been going well, other than the fact that I have yet to find a professional job. 53 Resumes faxed/e-mailed later and I am no closer to my career path. I can't say I'm surprised by this.  I moved to Las Vegas. "Education and government work have the nation's capital on top, while sunbelt tourism meccas like Miami and Las Vegas suffer most." Oh, thanks Forbes.com.  Tell me something I don't know!

Other than the fact that I am on the opposite side of the country, the biggest difference I've noticed living here is my parents aren't around to do everything for me.  Obtaining residency and registering my vehicle is something I would have absolutely delegated to my mom or dad if they weren't 2,000 plus miles away.  Not because I think myself too important to be bothered with things of that nature, but because I don't know where to begin.  I've never had to do anything like it because they always took care of it before it was even a thought in my mind.  Alright I just read the last few sentences and I sound like a spoiled brat, but listen guys, I'm doing it all on my own now!  I'm growing up.  I'm becoming an adult.  One car registry at a time. 

I've almost completely cut the cord. It's scary.

Moving on...Living with Mike is hella cool.  "Hella" is an adjective us west coast folk use to emphasize the awesomeness of everything that exists from Kansas to California. At least that's what I've been told.  I'm still learning the lingo.  I actually don't belong here at all.  Other than the relaxed nature of it's inhabitants I share nothing in common with most people I've met. Example A:  I've developed a couple nicknames so far..."Wide Open Spaces"(inappropriate),and "white girl"(not in PA anymore, Toto).  The fact that I grew up on the east coast happens to be a huge barrier in getting to know me.  To my friends in Lancaster, if you thought we were sheltered you've got to meet some of the LV locals.  Most of them have never been anywhere but California, and apparently Colorado is far east.  They don't understand how bars can close at 2, or how they are still standing if they were established in the 1700's.  If I'm making it seem like these people are unintelligent that's not my intention.  There is just a big difference in how we are raised. 

Also, very important side note...there has been many times where my sarcasm I'm sure has been mistaken for stupidity. I'm trying to ease back a bit, but I don't want to lose my wit!

So far, this move has been an adventure and an experience, but nothing more.  I haven't found a new me or a place to call home.  I can tell you with certainty I could never establish a life here, not with everything I want to accomplish. Also, Las Vegas has been ruined as a vacation spot.  Oh well, at least I'm learning to live on my own. Right?