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Sunday, November 6, 2011

big ship, small ship, friendship

In elementary school, your best friends are those that watch the same television shows, share your love of a particular kind of cookie, and live within 2 miles of you.

In middle school, your best friends are those that still like you even with a face full of pimples, play on the same sports team, and have only gone as far as you have with a boy(or girl).

In high school, your best friends are those that help you gain popularity, shop at the same clothing stores, and have abused the same illegal substances.

In the rarest cases you find a best friend "forever" one that stays with you through childhood and beyond, that watches the same shows, shares your love for a particular food, grows up next you, sees the beauty beneath your blemishes, plays your favorite sport with you even if they are terrible at it, tells you their sexcapades, introduces you to new, exciting, people, opens their wardrobe to you, and puts out your blunt so you can throw back a lager with them.

In the unthinkable cases, you find more than one. I am an unthinkable case.

When I moved back to Lancaster after living in West Chester for 4 years, I thought I was doomed to ride solo.  I figured since I had not kept in touch with many people from home that no one would take the bait when I cast out the "Hey! I'm home, let's get together." text.  I could imagine my friends rolling their eyes and placing their phones back into their pockets and bags after they read it.

I was too quick to judge.  I underestimated the strength of the bonds I had created over the years.

People always tell you the friends you meet in college will become your best friends, and yes I made a few great friends there, but only 2 that I know I'll remain in touch with.

My greatest friends are the ones I've grown up with.
So, since I don't tell these people enough how much they mean to me, I'll blog about it, and tell my few readers how wonderful they are.  (I'm almost positive these 4 are my only readers.)

Holland-My sister. We moved in together after dreaming about it since 2nd grade. She's the person who knows more about me than anyone, including my sister and parents. I go to her when I have a pimple on my back, not because I want her to pop it, but because I know she wants to. Her family is my family.  She's the first person I call with good news, and not so good news, and even though we share many differences, the commonalities between us are the things that make a friendship work.

Allison-My partner in crime.  My tit for tat. The friend I look up to and aspire to be more like. She's the girl that taught me how to be myself.  She always pushes me to do things the hard way. I've laughed harder and more times with her than anyone. With Allison, what you see is what you get. She's honest, selfless and wonderful. The best stories I have to tell all involve things that happend when we were together.

Eli-My little brother. Most people look to him for entertainment, but I look to him for good advice and someone to pick me up on dark days. When I'm with Eli, I know it's going to be an adventure.  He makes everything fun, and everyone around him smile. He's the first person I call to relax with, and the first person I call when I'm ready to rage.

Zac-My gingy.  He's the friend who helped me find self-worth.  He sings my praises to everyone he meets. He's the guy that's already on my doorstep before I call to tell him I need him.  He's quick to forgive and even quicker to say I'm sorry. He reads me like and book and knows what I need before I do.  He's a great listener, and shows no judgement.

Ok, so for most this is vomit inducing material.  I know I gagged a few times through it.  But, get over it! I love my friends and I don't care who knows it.  I'll shout it from the top of a mountain.

Next post will be funny, ok?

"There are big ships, and there are small ships, and the best ships of all...friendships."