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Saturday, December 18, 2010

if you run...

Ugh, just what I needed, another "romcom" to make me feel like my relationship situation sucks a fatty. Screw you 'Going the Distance' with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long!  Despite the fact that I actually enjoyed it; it made me think way to much.  In case you didn't know, the film is about a couple trying to make a long distance relationship work.  He's in New York...she's in Cali...you get it.  I, being in a long distance relationship myself, couldn't help but see certain similarities between my boyfriend(Mike) and myself and the on/off-screen couple.  Although me and Mike are only about 2 hours apart, it's still challenging to find time to see each other and talk on the phone.  For the most part our work schedules are completely opposite, and when we do get a minute to call one another it's always the same conversation.

Me-"Hey Babe, what's up?"
Boyfriend-"Nothing, driving to work."
(2 min. of me singing to whatever I'm listening to on my ipod...which @ the moment is Boxer Rebellion)
Boyfriend-"What are you doing?"
Me-"Just about home from work."
Boyfriend-"Cool, what are you doing later?"
Me-"Not sure yet." (Unless it's Wednesday...Trivia night)
Boyfriend-"Ok, well, I'm just about at work so I'll call you when I leave."
Me-"Ok, sounds good, hopefully I won't be sleeping."(usually I am)
Boyfriend-"Alright, I love you."
Me-"I love you too."

Seriously, it's disgusting how accurate that is.

 Let me just add that as unstimulated as our conversations may be, and as minimal as our face time is, we are still so in love.  That's what makes our situation all the more difficult.

As I watched the movie, I couldn't stop thinking about our future as a couple.  We have been together over four years now, and even though neither of us are ready to get hitched, it would still be nice to take a step in that direction.  Thoughts continued to rush through my brain.  We could move in together?  Ok, I have to finish my last year of school first.  He could move here with me?  Eh, he has a good job and I don't want him to have to worry about getting a new one, and paying for an apartment that I'm not going to be able to contribute anything to because I'm a full time student.  Is it really going to be another year until we can settle down together?  I don't know...maybe even longer if I can't find a job right out of school.  Wait, what if I find a great job even further away from him than I am now, and he's content where he is? Shit, then one of us is going to have to compromise.  I talked way to much about compromising in polisci; compromising is no good.   I wonder if he thinks about this too?  Probably not, you're crazy, you're answering your own questions...isn't that when you know you've gone off the deep end?  


After the credits and a few tears, I blocked out all thoughts of the future, except one.

 If he runs.....?

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