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Sunday, January 2, 2011

'cause tomorrows just another day, and I don't believe in time

I'd like to start by apologizing, mostly to myself, for not posting these last few days. 

It's the holidays, sue me.

No complaints for 2010.  I read through my Facebook "news feed" on NYE wondering why every f-ing persons status read something like "2010 sucked, bring on 2011!" or, "Can't wait for this year to be over."  If anything I want to turn back time.  What's so great about another year gone by?  Why should we celebrate gray hair, wrinkles, loss of sight/hearing/bladder control, and reality television taking over the world?   It's just another year closer to death.  Morbid, I know, but maybe I'm onto something here.  We should start boycotting the holiday and go back another year instead.  I suppose that's a bit unreasonable, but seriously, what's the rush?  Aren't there like a million cliche's out there telling us "life's too short."

I may be going in another direction by saying this, but isn't it such a bitch that when we are kids all we want to do is be a "grown-up" and when we are adults all we want to do is live like a kid again? (I want to emphasize the words 'live like a kid' because I now know what alcohol tastes like and what sex feels like and I couldn't give that up.)

I can't be alone in my opinions here. Don't get me wrong, yes, I want a family, and a house, and all the other wonderful things that come with adulthood, but I don't need it right now.  I'm content with slowing things down for a while. Why speed up the inevitable?  I'll get there some day.

I think these thoughts stemmed from a conversation with my mom I had just before the new year. 

She said, "Weird, it's going to be 1/1/11, we will never see that again, hm, 2/2/22, oh my god, Dani, you will be in your 30's."

Instant depression.

Anyway, happy new year.

                   "You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future."

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