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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

puke and rally: part duex

Moving right along...

Day 3:  Zac is being a little bitch.  Kidding.  I think he is at first, but realize after he can't even look at the In-and-Out Burger sitting in front of him, there has to be something wrong.  I feel bad, but I can't help but tell him what he's missing out on.  Double-Double is too legit.

Eli goes to the library, and Mr. Magnificent decides to join him to get some things done as well.  Probably a good idea since he is already missing a week of classes.

I have plans to meet up with my friend Allison and her boyfriend Jeff to go on a hike in Poway. We leave poor, pitiful Zac to sleep away his sickness. I'm getting ready to go and I can tell he's uber bummed. His shoulders are hunched. He tells me to have fun, and slowly drags himself back to Eli's bed.(still think he's being a little dramatic)

This hike is unbelievable, everywhere I look is a sight to see.  It is a 4 mile trail up Iron Mountain, so we do 8 miles all together.  I run/workout practically everyday and thought I was in pretty good shape, but this uphill trek is telling me otherwise.  Let's just say I'm really glad Jeff has a camelbak because I would be dying if it weren't for water.

we made it!
Not only is this hike phenoms, but the company as well.  Jeff and Allison are both adventurous people and knew exactly where to take me that would leave a lasting impression.  I'm also getting caught up on their lives.  It's only the second time I've had the pleasure of talking to Jeff and he's a great guy; perfect for Allison.  We get back down the mountain. Relief. I end the afternoon cruising in her bright red, convertible, mini cooper.  Sounds good, right?

I get back to the apartment complex and hope that someone is there to let me in.  I text Eli, Mr. Magnificent and Zac to tell them I'm almost there.  Zac tells me he's still around, and the door is unlocked; the other 2 rebels are still on SDSU's campus at the library.  I walk in to Eli's place. Zac is laying on the couch "sleeping."  Since I had just talked to him 3 minutes ago I figure he's faking. I stick the arm of my sunglasses in his ear waiting for a smile or for him to slap my hand away.  Nothing.  I go get a shower. I hear my phone beep.  I get out of the shower and check my phone.  It's a text from Zac. "Where are you?"... Are you serious bro?  He didn't hear me open the door that's 5 feet in front of him, feel the sunglasses going in his ear, or catch the sound of the shower running/me singing in the bathroom?  I hope he's fucking with me.

I walk into the living room and Zac is sitting on a different couch than he was before, blankly staring at the television.  I go sit with him, and ask how he's feeling. He can barely talk, but starts telling me how he's been hallucinating really fucked up shit.  One hallucination that especially makes me laugh is...when he is laying down on the couch he thinks he is in some game and can earn points based on which side of his body he is laying on.  This is ridiculous. Then he starts to describe different rules.  Apparently me, Eli and Mr. Magnificent are the only ones who understand them. This is very frustrating for Zac.  I come to the conclusion that the DayQuil that has become a substitute for his meals is making him clinically insane.  He has taken about 4 times the amount suggested, has not eaten a single thing, and is sleeping.  DayQuil is meant to keep you up and this kid can barely keep his eyes open. I don't know what he has, but I worry that he is going to be bed ridden the rest of the trip.  He most definitely looks worse than he did earlier. 

We sit there watching TV.  He grabs my hand and starts hitting himself in the head with it.  I think he's trying to wake up or express that he wants me to beat the sickness out of him, but I get freaked out when I see no expression on his face. I jerk my hand away from him and tell him to get a hold of himself.  He reminds me of the paper he still has to finish that I told him I'd help him out with.  Swell.  I'm tired as shit and he is in no shape to form educated sentences.  I ask him to let me have a 30 minute power nap and then I'll help him. I fall asleep. I'm woken up. No way it has already been a half an hour.  I look at the clock.  Only 23 minutes have passed.  I'm not happy, but see no reason to complain because I am perfectly healthy, and he looks like death.

We finish his paper and he tells me he's going to lay down.  I take him a glass of water and put it by the bed.   I'm starting to get worried. Hours pass.  I go into Eli's room to check on him and it doesn't sound or look like he's breathing.  Sweet, he overdosed on a fever reducer. I reach down and touch his arm.  He is drenched in sweat.  I shake him to make sure he's alright.  He's delirious, but living.  I let him go back to sleep and tell him to let me know if he needs anything.  At this point I feel like he needs to go to a hospital.

I text Eli and ask him when they are getting back because I'm starting to get super concerned.  He tells me they are on their way.  They walk in the door.  I just shake my head.  Eli asks me what's going on.  I tell him a few stories.  He interrupts me laughing and says "Yeah man, did he tell you about the video game where he earns points by laying on a certain side of his body!?" 

We bounce ideas back and forth about what he could have.  Clearly he has a fever, symptom 1. He's hallucinating, symptom 2.  He keeps complaining about sunburn from the beach, and the backs of his calves are burnt as shit, symptom 3. He has no appetite, symptom 4. He has a cough and sore throat, symptoms 5 and 6. He's taken enough medicine to take down a 400 pound gorilla, symptom 7.  The list goes on.  I start googling all these symptoms together and the most random array of diseases and conditions pop up on my iPhone screen.  I download the WebMD app.  I think this will be helpful.  I am wrong.  We give up. Time to  pop in 'The Hangover'. We need to get pumped for our Vegas trip and get our minds off the infected Zac.

Zac comes into the living room.  You can see right through his white shirt.  He looks like he mistakenly took a shower with his clothes on.  He looks like he can't comprehend what or where he is.  He doesn't speak.  I tell him to go get a cold shower.  He comes back out, looking more like a human being than he has in the last few hours.  He tells us he feels better, but his voice sounds pretty bad and he has no appetite.  We share our ideas with him about what it could be. Nothing is concrete so we drop the subject again, and watch the movie.  I fall asleep.  Zac wakes me up because I am spread out across him on the couch.  The last thing I remember seeing is Bradley Cooper butt fucking Mike Tyson's tiger.  Goodnight.

Day 4:  I wake up to Zac shaking me.  I slowly open my eyes.  I see the biggest smile on his face. He's pleased with himself.  He is almost fully recovered.  At least recovered enough to start consuming alcohol again.  I assume that he sweat out whatever he had.  (We still aren't a hundred percent sure what he had, but all signs point to an intake of excessive amounts of alcohol, combined with Mr. Magnificent's germs, intense exposure of sunlight on his ginger skin, and substituting DayQuil for breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

Unfortunately for him it's a shitty day.(if there is such a thing in San Diego)  It's raining and there is no promise that the sun will be showing itself.  Eli is in class, so we get ready to go onto campus to meet him and hit up the SDSU student bookstore to buy some Aztec gear.

We get there and hit up Starbucks.  I need coffee and Zac needs nourishment.  It's been over 24 hours since he last ate.  I get a grande chai...the usual...Mr. Magnificent gets a coffee, black...his usual and Zac orders a feast which included some milkshake/smoothie thing, a sandwich and a huge coffee cake pastry. We finish and Eli meets us inside.  We walk over to the student center and pick out some t-shirts.  Mine is the coolest.  Everyone is jealous. Maybe.

We get back to Eli's place, again.  I'm antsy and hungry.  Eli, Zac and I go grab some lunch at Subway.  Eli orders a pepperoni and meatball sandwich, not toasted...he is allergic.  They know this already.  He has to go back to campus for class, so I make Zac come to Ikea with me.  He's never been there.  Everyone needs to go to Ikea at least once.  We are overwhelmed and almost can't find our way out.  Then, there is light.  The sun peaks through the clouds and I am happy. No more rain today!

Zac and I make plans to go to dinner with Allison and Jeff.  Eli has play practice and Mr. Magnificent has been procrastinating so he still has a lot of work to do.

We have time to kill before then.  Laundry is piled up in Eli's room, and the place is a train wreck. Even more so than before.  I figure since these guys are giving us a place to stay the least I can do is clean their apartment.  I do the Dishes. Take out the Trash. Wash and fold mine and the boys clothing. Dust and disinfect. Zac helps...a little.

I get in the shower and get dressed to go out in Old Town, where we are getting Thai food for dinner.  Jeff and Allison call to let me know they are here to pick us up.  Allison opens up her door to let me in and I see her and Jeff are in sneakers, shorts and matching orange T-shirts.  They just came from a softball game.  Awesome.  I'm in heels and everyone else is slummin' it.  I hate standing out.  I'm usually the under dressed one.  Oh well.  The food is excellent.  The laughs are better. We all tell stories from high school and reminisce about the ridiculous shit we used to do together.  I come dangerously close to peeing my pants.  We finish eating and go next door for some gelato.  Muy Bueno!  Jeff and Allison Drop Zac and I off at the apartment.  Another great night in San Diego has come to an end.  I don't want to leave.  Ever.

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